Looking to be different? So were they…

Did you know, approximately 380 new websites are created every minute? That’s over 1.8 billion websites in 2018 alone. Since 2017, BARE Design has seen immense growth in our business and demand for more than just a website - our clients sought out branding, email campaign creation, and graphic design… all-in-all, they were looking for a seamless experience. We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some very exciting clients from all of the world.

Bare Design x Moment Pebble 2019

BARE Design set the pace…

and vision for the design aspects of Moment Pebble. My co-founder Alex and I have delivered over 400 websites between us and we agreed that this was the fastest delivery of a quality site we'd ever been a part of. Ellie has a great eye and solid work ethic. You'd be lucky to get some of her time, she's deservedly in high demand!”

-Charlie Cadbury, Co-Founder of Moment Pebble


Bare Design x Seven Dials City 2019

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